Sheldon Gilbert

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      • Country: United States
      • Region: New York City
      • Position: Founder and CEO
      • Company: Proclivity Media
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    Sheldon Gilbert is the Founder and CEO of Proclivity Media (, a
    company pioneering the new field of predictive advertising. He founded the company on the premise
    that every person has a constantly-changing economic value in relation to every object in the world,
    and that helping advertisers target their customers based on those economic values could forever
    change how they make decisions on which consumers to reach, when, and how much to pay to
    market to them. This, in essence, is Consumer Valuation Marketing – a concept pioneered and
    brought to market by Gilbert and Proclivity and adopted by leading household brands and retailers.
    An inventor with several patents in predictive analytics and computational advertising, Gilbert taught
    himself to program and developed the core algorithm after quickly realizing, during the early years
    of e-commerce, that an unprecedented volume of new data, about the predictive aspects of consumer
    intent, was being generated at exponential rates but was often undervalued, misappropriated, and
    discarded. He realized that the Internet was not only changing the nature of commerce but also our
    understanding of consumer intent and the future of marketing.

    Gilbert credits his foresight on the use of large unstructured data from his early academic career
    in molecular genetics, which he studied during his undergraduate years at Yale University and
    thereafter at several leading research institutes such as The Rockefeller University, Cornell
    University Medical Center, and The Oswaldo Cruz Institute (Brazil).

    Fascinated by the early use of new software programs to mine massive volumes of genetic data and
    the rise of the Internet in early 2000, Gilbert left the laboratory and joined Fort Point Partners, a
    leading systems integration firm, where he helped build some of the first-generation e-commerce
    systems for retailers like J.Crew, Best Buy and Nike and later joined as Director of
    Business Intelligence.

    After realizing the revolutionary potential of this new data landscape, Gilbert deferred his graduate
    studies in bioinformatics to found Proclivity to usher in the next generation of predictive advertising.
    A sought-after speaker, Gilbert has been featured on CNBC, The New York Times, Fast Company,
    and Reuters, and is regularly invited to speak at various conferences and industry events.

    In addition to his professional endeavors, Gilbert is active on the lecture circuits at various
    universities, was a former volunteer science teacher, and is an ardent advocate for educational
    reform, human rights activism, ecological preservation, and other philanthropic endeavors. He
    remains actively involved as an alumnus of Prep for Prep, as well as the U.S. Experiment in
    International Living, where he led cross-cultural home-stay programs throughout Italy for several

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